Please refer to your bill for the required inputs

(This month's average ET - 2.44 )

Billing Units Used
(1 BU = 748 gallons)

Days in Billing Cycle
(Typically 28-35 days)

Meter Size
(Typically 3/4 in. for residential customers)

Water Budget Bill Calculator

Use the bill calculator to see how changes in your water usage will affect your bill. For more information on our water budget based rate structure, visit
To determine the Evapotranspiration amount for your microzone, refer to your bill statement or go to our Water saving tools page and use the Evapotranspiration Map.

Please note: The bill calculator is to be used for informational purposes only. Billed amounts may vary based on actual water usage, actual evapotranspiration rates, any changes in household size or irrigable area, and/or days in the billing cycle. For Single Family and Multi Family Residentials, Tier 1 and Tier 2 account to Indoor and Outdoor Budgets respectively.